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Readers Digest - Bryant, K. (2018). Tips From Lice Experts. 


Simply Nitty Owner, Dana Mead, was recently featured in the Reader's Digest article, Tips From Lice Experts.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - (2018) Head Lice General Information

The US Department of Health presents peer-reviewed information about head lice life history, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and epidemiology.


Harvard University, School of Public Health (1999). Pesticide-Resistant Head Lice Found in the US.

Press Release from Harvard University announcing head lice resistance to permethrin.

Scientific Journal Articles 

Gellatly, K.J., Krim, S., Palenchar, D.J., Shepherd, K., Yoon, K.S., Rhodes, C.J., Lee, S.H., Clark, M. (2016). Expansion of the Knockdown Resistance Frequency Map for Human Head Lice (Phthiraptera: Pediculidae) in the United States Using Quantitative Sequencing. Journal of Medical Entomology, 53(3), 653–659.

  • Simply Nitty participated in sample collection for Gellatly et al. (2016).

Meister, L. & Ochsendorf, F. (2016). Head Lice Epidemiology, Biology, Diagnosis, and Treatment.
Deutsches Ärzteblatt International, 113(45), 763–772.​

Wiess, R.A. (2009) Ape, Lice, and Prehistory. Journal of Biology, 8(2), 20.

Simply Nitty offers professional, non-toxic, guaranteed lice removal services in Edina, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and throughout the Twin Cities and Minnesota (MN). 


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