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"Just want to thank you, Krista and Dana, for the wonderful customer service and for being so understanding. You are true professionals and have found your calling. Thank you for being there to answer all my silly questions while I panicked. We're grateful to have this experience behind us but know what to do if it ever arises again!" - Happy Mom

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Guaranteed head lice treatment: The Simply Nitty system.
First, we want you to know everything we do is confidential. Your family’s information is all top secret! We offer you a relaxed and comfortable setting inside our Edina clinic. We want you to feel at home when you arrive and we promise to take good care of you and your family! We will always give you our smart cleaning guide to ensure you have all the information you need to get your home lice free. Check out how Simply Nitty compares to conventional lice treatments.

STEP 1. Family head lice diagnosis
The first thing we do is assess who in your family has head lice. This is crucial — the most common reason for re-infection is that someone is not properly diagnosed and brings lice back into the home. We also give instructions on any laundering or disinfection that has to happen when you get home. We then explain how we’re going to treat the lice and get started.

STEP 2. Head lice treatment process
After the assessment the treatment begins:
  • We treat infected individuals with a non-toxic treatment oil clinically proven to kill any live lice. When researching how to treat lice, we found this to be the safest and most effective non-toxic product available.
  • An enzyme-based mousse (also non-toxic) is applied to the hair to dissolve the cement-like glue that attaches nits to the hair shaft.
  • We do an initial comb out with professional grade lice combs, to rid the head of bugs and nits.
  •  We then utilize the Shepherd Method of Strand by Strand examination. We  section the hair off and go though it in small, paper thin sections.
  • Final comb out begins. Once we have done our initial comb out, and the strand by strand process, we begin the final comb out. We comb one last time to ensure the head and hair is rid of all lice and nits.

STEP 3. Preventing lice
Once the treatment is done, we spray the head with a natural, non-toxic peppermint-based spray proven to repel lice. We recommend using this product daily as a follow-up home treatment for preventing head lice.

STEP 4. Knowledge is power!
We give you detailed instructions to guard against re-infection, a short list of to-do’s if more cleaning is needed, and handy tips on preventing lice. More on our 30-day guarantee.

STEP 5. Re-check
This follow-up appointment is scheduled 3-7 days after your initial treatment. We highly recommend this appointment to ensure a re-infestation has not occurred. Your child is at risk of getting re-infested by reentering their environment such as day care or school. You will be given your 30 day guarantee once the re-check is completed.

Seeing is believing! Check our prices for the best value in professional, high-quality home lice treatment in Minnesota. Then get in touch!

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