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Wow! I am so impressed with the Dana and Krista! They saved me from this dreadful experience. I was so overwhelmed and about to lose my mind. They came in and took care of everything. I felt like I could breathe again! They are such awesome ladies and I can't say enough good stuff. A HUGE Thank you to Simply Nitty!

Cassandra, Bloomington

Just want to thank you Krista and Dana for the wonderful customer service and for being so understanding. You made my whole lice experience way better then I anticipated. You put my mind at ease and we were able to conquer my biggest fear. You are true professionals and have found your calling. Thank you for all the advice and for being around to answer all my silly questions while I panicked. We are grateful to have this experience behind us but know what to do if it ever arises again. Thanks again!

Vanessa, Elk River

Just want to extend another THANK YOU to the sisters! I didn’t even realize that we had lice in our house. I checked my son’s head when he complained of itching and sure enough I found a bug. At that moment, I panicked. I had heard of Simply Nitty so I checked out the website and called immediately. Dana was able to come over right away and within minutes had calmed me down from my panic. A short while later Krista came over and they took care of us that morning. They were both very knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely recommend Simply Nitty to anyone who wants to get rid of lice for good. They definitely made lice vanish from our house.

Amy, Edina

We had never had lice before. We would here from friends who had recently had lice and
talk about what a total nightmare it was. My husband and I thought “buy the over-the-
counter lice treatment and wash their bedding…big deal!”

It wasn’t until our 7 year got lice that we discovered it WAS a big deal. I just remember
sitting in the bathroom; trying to make sense of the directions, combing through her thick
hair with this tiny little comb and thinking “I’m going to be doing this all night and I
can’t tell if I’m even close to getting all the lice out.”

Calling Simply Nitty was the best decision we could have ever made. They checked the
whole family only to find out my youngest and myself also had it. We were all treated
and checked again after about two weeks. I was so impressed with they way they worked
with our girls. My 7 year old and 3 1/2 year old were looking forward to seeing them for
their re-check! While they were treating they went over what to look for, suggestions for
the summer and school year, what actually needed to be cleaned (turns out I went way
overboard) and products available through Simply Nitty.

I sent a mass email out to all my friends after Simply Nitty left. Our first lice experience
was so much less stressful than attempting to do this myself. I would have been spending
so much money on over-the-counter products (toxic products) because I didn’t know the
right way to treat or that others in the house had it too. Our experience with Simply Nitty
was affordable, educational, confidential and put our girls at ease throughout the whole

Nicole, Edina

Thanks again for your help. You guys are really great and put me at ease. My sister called you when she heard we had lice, she said you guys were very helpful, like a friend - I totally agree :)Have a great day!

A.M., Eagan

I am a mom of a college girl you saw & took care of today. I was just sick yesterday when my daughter called to say she'd found an insect in her hair while in the shower.. We went through this twice when she was just a little girl & so I knew what she was dealing with in her already stressful, very busy life. I was so thankful to hear of your visit & how very helpful, compassionate, & kind you ladies were!! I had a happier, much less-stressed daughter on the phone today! We are both so very thankful to you wonderful ladies! As Mom, being 3+ hrs away-- well thank you! You are angels!!

Happy Mom
, MN

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can not say enough about Simply Nitty! You guys put me at ease and I felt like we could move on with our lives! The sisters are wonderful!

Laura, St. Louis Park