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One flat fee, zero surprises!

At Simply Nitty we pride ourselves on our thoughtful, straightforward pricing. Lice removal can be unpredictable, but we believe in having a predictable cost for our services. Many factors go into how long a treatment will take, including the child's ability to sit still for long periods of time, and the speed of the technician doing the treatment. We will take the guess work out of open ended hourly charges, by offering you a simple and affordable option.

All of our treatment packages are all-inclusive, including initial head screening (if treatment is needed), follow-up rechecks, treatment products and our 45 day guarantee. We never charge unexpected hidden fees, add-on services or required product purchases.

Head screenings
Comprehensive comb through screening using a professional grade lice comb to detect    any evidence of a infestation. Not charged if full treatment is needed.

Please have clean, combed hair when you arrive.

Short Hair                        All other Hair
Typical Boy/Male cut         $15

Full Treatment
Complete lice and nit removal treatment using non-toxic, professional products and strand-by-strand removal.

- Initial Head Screening
- Full lice and nit removal   treatment
- All products used in  treatment process (Never need to purchase)
- Follow-up head screening (5-7 days after        initial treatment)
- 45 day unconditional guarantee (Guarantee  guidelines must be met)

Short Hair
Typical boy/male cut
Medium Hair
Chin to shoulder tops
Long Hair
Shoulders to Mid-Back

Extra Care Treatment
Treatments that require additional time due to advanced infestation, usually long, thick or curly hair.  *Most people will fall into our regular pricing.
Express Treatment
Minimal treatment for cases that are unusually mild. Includes express comb-out to eradicate infestation. No strand-by-strand service.