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The lice brigade: Help is here!

Sorry lice, you’ve met your match! When you call the Simply Nitty sisters for help, you’re bringing in the A team.

“Calling Simply Nitty was the best decision we could have ever made. I was so impressed with the way they worked with our girls. My kids were actually looking forward to seeing them for their re-check!” 
— A happy mom

As much as we enjoy what we do, a passion for destroying little pests isn’t what drives us. Our real joy in life is helping people. We became passionate about this issue when we each had our own experiences with lice in our families and found out how frustrating and overwhelming it can be to find real answers. We also became concerned with the toxic and ineffective treatments offered over the counter. We realized that well-intentioned parents like ourselves were exposing our kids to poisons, and it didn’t even help eradicate the lice!

With backgrounds in the medical industry, we threw ourselves into research on lice treatments, lice products and lice removal methods. After months of research, comparing, analyzing lice facts and collecting word-of-mouth stories, we are 100% positive that we have found the best lice products and methods to help you with your lice issue. We are Shepherd Method trained and certified, we work closely with Lice Solutions, a non-profit, research authority in Florida.

Now after helping thousands of families treat and conquer lice, we continue to love what we do! We have striven to keep professional lice removal affordable and know we have the best prices in the industry. But even more important than that, we believe in helping people during a stressful time and giving them true help and compassion. We even try to have a little fun along the way! It’s our joy to see the relief in people’s faces when they realize they’ve found real help!

There are no dumb questions! Ask a lice expert or call for a no-obligation chat with the Simply Nitty sisters.